Android Wear – 

MyRadar can be installed for those who have an Android Wear Smartwatch!

Android Wear 1.0- When you install MyRadar on your phone, the wear app will automatically install on your 1.0 smartwatch. It may take a few minutes.

Android Wear 2.0 can be installed independently via the Google Play Store on the wear device.


What you will see on your Android Wear Watch:

RadarToday's Forecast
Hourly Forecast
Five-day ForecastSettings

Four different screens you can swipe right to access.

  1. At static image of the radar map in your location. updated once per push (once per 5  minutes), so your phone and watch will be up to date). If the radar image is “stale” or older than 5 mins, you will see a time stamp on the screen. You should only see a stale image if your watch is offline or cannot reach a network.

2. Forecast – Current time and conditions, wind speed, and temperature.

  • If “Always On” is enabled on your watch, when the screen goes to sleep, you’ll see this screen in black and white.
  • While you are in ambient mode, only the forecast will update. The radar will update once your watch leaves ambient mode.

3. Hourly forecast for your current location.

4. 5-day forecast, showing the high and low temps, and chance of precipitation.

5. Limited Settings, for changing the unit of measure, sending a diagnostic report to Support, or opening the app on your phone.