MyRadar is available from Apple's App Store as a free download, while MyRadar Pro is priced at $2.99. The difference between the two is that MyRadar Pro is ad-free by default, whereas the ad-removal upgrade for MyRadar standard is included in the Premium Features subscription.

the iOS version of MyRadar has a different upgrade method compared to the Android and Windows version. Due to feedback we received of many users wishing there was a way to purchase all the upgrades at once, you can now purchase the Premium Features annual subscription! This includes all the available upgrades in the app save for the Aviation Charts upgrade.

  • Premium Features Subscription - $9.99 per year - This annual subscription unlocks all the premium features of MyRadar: The Hurricane Tracker, Professional Radar Pack, Ad removal, and Apple Watch compatibility.
    • NOTE: The Premium Features subscription is $6.99 on MyRadar Pro, to account for Pro already being ad-free

  • Aviation Charts - $24.99 per year - Very useful for pilots and aviation enthusiasts, this feature adds aviation background map layers, including VFR sectionals, IFR-Low, and IFR-High charts. These charts are updated regularly and in line with the current FAA update cycle.