Locate Me/Search/RouteCast

Tapping the cross-hairs will open a small menu to show other location-related features. If you're panning around the map, double-tapping the crosshair takes you back to your present location. Search does just that: allows you to search by location (best used for town/city/state rather than specific addresses). The car icon is our new RouteCast feature: which allows you to enter a route and get an almost turn-by-turn forecast to help plan you avoid any weather along the way.  

Map Type

Though the background map is gray by default, you can change it by tapping on the Maps icon and selecting the background you prefer. You will also see the option to upgrade to Aviation charts! These are VFR, IFR, and IFR High-Altitude. Note the aviation charts are strictly for informational purposes, not for in-flight navigation.


You'll find most of MyRadar's configurable options in here, everything from Classic/Hi-Def Radar and the forecast, to Hurricane Tracker and wildfires. Each menu with a white mixer icon has other menus you can access to customize your experience further.



Tapping this icon will lead you to videos of forecasts and news from our meteorology desk, as well as interviews and instructional tips on how to use the app.



Share gifs and photos of the current radar with anyone and anywhere directly from MyRadar! 


Pretty self-explanatory; use it to take pictures and upload them for the MyRadar community to see (You can also upload photos from Camera Roll).


In the settings menu, you will find several options to enhance and customize your MyRadar experience:


  1. Temperature Units - change temperature between Fahrenheit, and other data from Imperial to Metric measurements.
  2. Wind - change the unit of measure of wind speed to meters per second, knots, kilometers per hour, etc.
  3. Wind direction - change wind direction readouts to show the direction as coming from, or going to.

Map Settings

  1. Set My Location – Centers your current location in the map when MyRadar is launched.
  2. Follow My Location – Keeps the map centered on your location, even as you move.


  1. Notification Settings - Individual settings for tornado, hurricane, thunderstorm warnings, etc. You can also set times where you don't want to receive alerts (i.e. during school or sleep hours). Note that alerts for life-threatening weather will still go to your phone regardless of settings here.
  2. Current Conditions Notification –Toggle a persistent notification displaying the current weather conditions in your area.

MyRadar Upgrades

  1. Premium Features – Removes ads from the map for a larger view. $14.99 yearly subscription.
  2. Aviation Charts – Access Hi, Low, and sectional aviation charts. $24.99 yearly subscription.
  3. TripIt Account - sign in to your TripIt account through MyRadar; allows the app to flight/gate status for itineraries registered with TripIt. Itineraries emailed to/registered with Tripit will appear in MyRadar's Airport Detection integration
  4. Airport pop-up - Shows times, delays, statuses, etc for your TripIt-registered flight itinerary when within a couple miles of arriving to your airport. 


  1. Show help tutorial - the tutorial screens you see when you open the app on the first install.
  2. Licenses and attributions– License details for the 3rd party services we use in the app. A good way to get insight on what makes the app tick.
  3. Privacy Policy – View our Privacy Policy, and opt out of data aggregation used to generate and send localized/relevant ads to MyRadar.
  4. Build Version – What MyRadar version you have.
  5. Diagnostic Report – A log with app and device details to help support with troubleshooting problems with MyRadar. Please only send them when asked by a support rep.

This list isn't definitive and ever-expanding, so we'll keep adding to it as time goes.