MyRadar is available on Android as a free download from the GooglePlay Store. MyRadar Ad-Free is also available. The difference is that MyRadar Ad-Free is purchased up front for a one-time fee of $1.99, whereas MyRadar has a “remove ads” upgrade available for $1.99.

Available Upgrades:

  1. Remove Ads (available only in the free version of MyRadar) - $1.99 

  2. Hurricane Tracking - $2.99 – Displays tropical conditions, including hurricanes, tropical storms, tropical depressions, and areas of interest as a layer on the map. This includes the forecasted path of the storm over the next 3-5 days.  Tap a storm to show details, including wind speed, pressure, and the latest details from the National Hurricane Center.

  3. Professional Radar Pack - $6.99 - The Professional Radar Pack allows users precise access to unfiltered NEXRAD Level II radar. Users can view individual tilt angles and products (reflectivity or velocity) for all 150+ US-based Doppler radar stations.

  4. Aviation Charts - $24.99 per year - Very useful for pilots and aviation enthusiasts, this feature adds aviation background map layers, including VFR sectionals, IFR-Low, and IFR-High charts. These charts are updated regularly and in line with the current FAA update cycle.