The iPad version of MyRadar has all the same features as the iPhone version. The order of the icons is a little different, and there are two iPad-specific icons in the lower right.


Spotlight Photos


Tapping on the square mountain icon will load a user submitted photo based on the location under the crosshairs. If you move to a different point on the map and tap the icon it will load a random photo closest to that town or city. It will also display the current temperature, conditions, and estimated Hi/Lo temps. Using an up-swipe motion, will lengthen the information display to show an hour by hour detailed forecast for the day as well as a 5-day forecast. To return to the radar screen from Spotlight Photos, tap the radar icon.




The rightmost icon on an iPad brings up a temperature v. pressure graph, along with a current weather detail and a forecast. You can scroll down to see a 5 day forecast and more in-depth information about current conditions.