Light-Heavy Rainbow Indicator:


Radar returns are usually described by color or level. The colors in a radar image normally range from blue or green for weak returns, to red or magenta for very strong returns. The numbers in a verbal report increase with the severity of the returns. Here is the break-down of MyRadar displays radar data on the map.


White/Gray: 75dBZ - While this return level is high on the scale, it is used to indicate snowfall.

Purple - Magenta: 65-70 dBZ (May indicate thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes, or hurricanes or other extreme weather)

Red – Dark Red: 55-65 dBZ (Severe)

Orange – Orange-Red: 45-50 dBZ (Moderate to Severe)

Yellow – Dark Yellow: 35-40 dBZ (Moderate)

Green – Dark Green: 25-30 dBZ (light to moderate precipitation)

Light Green: 20-25 dBZ (light precipitation)

Blue – Dark Blue: 10-15 dBZ

Light Blue: 5-10 dBZ (little to none, may be rain/mist aloft)