When it comes to our weather data sources, where do we collect our information? The answer depends on where in the world you're talking about - In the United States we're given access to the NOAA's weather data directly from over 150+ ground radar stations located around the country. This is in part due to the accessibility of such data, since the NOAA does not keep it behind a paywall.

For radar outside of the USA things can be different. Depending on the local region and how its government handles giving access to their weather data, the information can be kept from the public and require payment to use it.

Due to this, the engineers here at ACME Atronomatic have been working on a way to provide our own weather data: in comes the Global Satellite Enhancement feature that can be located in the Radar layer's settings menu!

With the Global Satellite Enhancement feature, we can draw weather data outside of ground radar station boundaries using satellite imagery that we develop. 

How to turn on the Global Satellite Enhancement feature

In MyRadar, open the Layers menu and then tap on the "Radar" layer towards the top of the menu. From there, you should see a "Global Satellite Enhancement" toggle in the list of radar settings!