Use the following processes you troubleshoot and restore any missing purchase in MyRadar (Windows):

First, try resetting MyRadar. 

1. Go to the Start menu

2. Look for the Settings button (or type Settings into the searchbar)

3. Go to Apps & Features, then findMyRadar and select it. 

4. Click the "advanced options" link and then click/tap the "reset" button. 

If you re-launch MyRadar and ads are sill present, search Windows (use Cortana or hold down the Windows key and press "s"), and type in "wsreset" and hit enter to run the command; this will reset your Store app and all of your purchase information. From there, start up MyRadar again, and check if your purchases are active.

If you are still unable to restore them, please see our other articles, or reach out to for support