If you've been using MyRadar for a while, you probably noticed we changed the way upgrades work late-2018 (for iOS; upgrades for Android and Windows are the same as they've always been). Previously, we offered the upgrades in an a-la-carte way, which let you purchase the upgrades one by one. However, we got a lot of feedback from users that suggested we offered too many upgrades, and some wanted us to implement "bundles" that can net you several upgrades at once. That's where our new approach for iOS upgrades come in: The Premium Features package

The Premium Features package unlocks all the in-app upgrades such as Hurricane Tracker, Per-Station radar, and Ad-Free radar viewing as a 1 year auto-renewing subscription for $9.99/year ($6.99/year if you're using MyRadar Ad-Free). If you have previously purchased any of the upgrades in the package, you will still have access to them without needing to purchase the package! All previously purchased upgrades are grandfathered in, so you will still be able to use them like you did before we made the switch over.

If you don't have upgrades you've purchased previously, you might need to restore your previous purchases.