Light/Heavy Rainbow Legend


Different levels of radar intensity are represented by different colors. The colors in a radar image normally range from blue or green for light rain, to red or magenta for very heavy rain. Radar data is measured in “decibel relative to Z” or dBZ. Here is the break-down of how MyRadar displays radar data on the map:

Purple - Magenta: 65-70 dBZ (May indicate severe thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes, or hurricanes or other extreme weather)

Red – Dark Red: 55-65 dBZ (Severe)

Orange – Orange-Red: 45-50 dBZ (Moderate to Severe)

Yellow – Dark Yellow: 35-40 dBZ (Moderate)

Green – Dark Green: 25-30 dBZ (Light to Moderate precipitation)

Light Green: 20-25 dBZ (Light precipitation)

Blue – Dark Blue: 10-15 dBZ

Light Blue: 5-10 dBZ (little to none, may be rain/mist aloft)

White/Gray: These colors are not in the legend, but they do appear on the map. They are used to indicate snowfall.