If you have the Premium Features subscription (or are grandfathered into keeping the Apple Watch upgrade), you can access the Apple Watch version of MyRadar as well as its Watch face complication. Installing the MyRadar watch app should work the same as installing any app onto your Apple Watch, so it's pretty easy to do once you know where to look!

On Your iDevice...

1. Open the Watch app

2. on the "My Watch" tab, scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see a list of Available Apps for downloading

3. Locate MyRadar in the list, then tap on the "INSTALL" button

4. Reopen MyRadar and keep it on during the rest of the set-up

Once it's installed, hop on over to your Apple Watch.

On Your Apple Watch...

1. Press the Digital Crown/home button when the Watch is unlocked to access the list of apps available on your Apple Watch

2. Find MyRadar in the list and tap on it

Now MyRadar should pop open on your Watch's face. Sometimes you might need to close the Watch version of MyRadar and reopen it with MyRadar on your iDevice open at the same time so the two can 'sync up' with each other's data.

Now you're all set to view MyRadar on your Apple Watch! If you need help setting up the MyRadar complication on your Watch face, check out this article on how to do just that!