We're sorry to hear MyRadar is not loading as expected. If you see the map but not the animated radar, it could be due to the fact that despite having the 'automatic' time setting turned on, your device system clock may not be set to the correct time. 

Go to Start - Settings - Time & Language and verify that your system clock and time zone are correct. If its off by more than a few minutes, it can affect how MyRadar loads.


Keep in mind that if you are connecting through a proxy server or VPN, there may be network issues causing the app to load slowly. You can try switching between classic/hi-def/morphing radar modes and see if that makes a difference. If you tap the gear icon to the right of the radar on/off switch, you can also change the loop length and loop interval and see if the radar loads more quickly with fewer frames.

If after trying everything above you still encounter the same issue, contact us through one of our support e-mails and we'd be happy to lend a hand while taking a closer look!