MyRadar, in partnership with Tempest, allows Tempest Weather System owners* to add and view their systems in MyRadar. This will let you see the temperatures from your Tempest unit, as well as other Tempest devices (*must have been purchased Tempest weather system through their special promotion page. Otherwise, please contact Tempest Support for integration assistance)

Tempest Weather system owners can go into the Temperatures layer settings menu (tap the grey arrow or mixer icon next to Temperatures), and tap the switch next to "Tempest Weather Systems". Tempest systems will appear on the map, with the respective icon shown below. To see your system in MyRadar, make sure the "Public Data" setting is enabled in your Tempest app (Settings > Stations > [select station name] > Public Data). After enabling "Public Data" it may take a while for MyRadar to start showing data from your device on the map.